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Entrypoint Counselling - 079 8408 2064 - Counselling, Psychotherapy, Online Therapy.  London N1 & EC1
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Entry Point Counselling Services:
  • Private counselling/psychotherapy
  • Alcohol counselling
  • Drug counselling
  • Transcultural counselling
  • Free assessments/consultations
  • Concession fees
  • Online counselling & Telephone counselling
  • Auricular acupuncture as an alternative therapy for psychological/physical symptoms
  • Supervision

Depression, anger, bereavement, anxiety, stress,
low self esteem, self-confidence, personality disorders, identity,
relationship issues, gender, identity, OCD, affairs and betrayals,
addiction, alcohol, drugs, loss, 
insomnia, restlesness, calming the mind, balancing adrenalin and dopamine,
fainting, dizzy spells, relaxing the brain, centring, grounding,
generalised soreness and pain, blood pressure, harmonising the liver,
kidney function, blood circulation, nausea, vomiting



If you are in immediate distress or you feel suicidal
and are in the UK, please visit the Samaritans.
In other countries, please contact Befrienders International.
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